WWW 2018

October at SIS means WWW.  Week Without Walls.  This is when we get out of the classroom and explore the world around us.

For HS it meant Qingyuan (G9), Lijiang in Yunnan Province (G10) and Sabah in Malaysia (G11).   Students got to explore the local cultural, geographical and traditional sites as well as develop ways to help the local community through service learning programs.  For more information (and awesome photos) for each amazing trip, please check our dedicated WWW blog – SIS Week Without Walls

TO VOTE: Choose your favourite 3 photos and email your choices to Miss A (aatkinson@sis.org.cn)

For this contest, the theme was our Week Without Walls trips.  The theme was for the artist to interpret and capture their experiences of their trip and any visually interesting composition – as they decided.  Photos could be edited.  Your job is to choose the photos that you like – because they show beauty, or capture your attention, or make you laugh or cry, or you appreciate the story behind the picture, or just you like it – and you don’t know why.  😉