Market Day 1

Yesterday, we had our first Market Day with 5th graders as our consumers. Of course, we worked so hard preparing all the goods and setting up our booth. Space was tight so we had to find prime real estate to sell our items.

The day after Market Day, we had a class reflection. Some of us were surprised how much we sold while some were questioning why they didn’t sell as much. Together we brainstormed some ideas on how to improve our business and marked it in our business plan. Some companies will switch the staff’s positions, while others will make a variety of products, and price it at a lower price point to attract costumers. Others also talked about changing the location of the stall to be in a more popular spot.

Check out some of the pictures!


As for math, we are learning about geometry (3D shapes). Here’s some of the things we are reviewing:


Business Plans

We have started a new unit called, Producers and Consumers. At the beginning of the unit, we were given ¥30 to spend to buy school materials for the day. Although we were tempted to buy really fancy pencils and toys, we held back and budgeted our allowance to buy our basic needs first, rather than our wants. We did pretty well that day, mainly thanks to good planning and generous friends. Here are some financial tips we came up with.

We learned this main idea: As time goes on, our needs and wants may change as well.

Now, we are practicing running our own businesses for Market Day on May 25th. On that day, we will invite 5th graders to buy our products or services. We learned real-life concepts like import fee, management fee, licensing fee, rent, and utilities fee. Each team had to borrow money from the bank (aka Ms. Cheung). Now we have to sell sell sell to make a profit! Wish us luck!


Student-Led Conferences

Thank you so much for coming to our Student-Led Conferences this year. We were really excited to show you how much we’ve grown as a learner in second grade. We hope you enjoyed our insect report and our own blogs!


Here are some pictures of what we do for math. As we explained to you, we have a mini lesson with Ms. Cheung and then break into our groups to review some perviously learnt concepts. Some of us are reviewing how to count money and assemble the same amount using different coins.

Insect Reports

This week, we were lucky to have two guest teachers to teach us more about insects. First, Mrs. Callahan brought in these amazing blow up insects dolls to learn about the three main body parts of insects: head, thorax, and abdomen. We were very excited to label these creatures as they make nice decorations in the room.

Next, after we finished researching and taking notes about our insect we want to be experts on (we must say, we are pretty tech savvy at this point), we learned how to use Keynote with Mr. McElroy. He showed us how to select a design, and change font colors and sizes. He even talked about safe and legal places to take photos from the internet to use in our reports. We learned about what creative commons means on the website.

Today was our sharing day for AMPed (Autonomous, Mastery, Purposeful education) projects. Although we worked with different G2 students and teachers, we still used the same ESLR skills like, Complex Thinker, Communicator, Collaborator, Global Citizen, and Independent Learner. All of us showed our work in different forms. We really appreciated everyone’s creativity! And a special thanks to all the teachers and parents who came out to support us!

Evergreen Park

As our unit about living things come to an end, we were able to squeeze in a field trip to Evergreen Park. We observed lots of living things like butterflies, peacocks, parakeets, fish, dragonflies and rabbits. We compared them non-living things like statues, rocks, and dinosaur bones. But, we have to say, one of the most fun things to do was to climb and slide on the pirate ship!

Mrs. Livingston has reviewed research strategies with us to prepare for our final project–creating a report on insects. We are quite familiar with using computers to access resources like, and We researched for three days this week and next week, we will learn how to use keynote to create a science report!

Field Day

We crammed a lot into this short 3-day week! First, we launched our AMPed project. Thanks Mr. Ruthai for the introduction to AMPed. It really got us excited about independent learning. This is one of the first times we are working with other teachers in Grade 2. It’s only the first week so far, but working with people interested in the same thing is pretty cool. Some topics we chose are: jewelry/fashion design, pollution, medicine, Legos, origami, history, dance, acting, movie making, etc.

The Shenzhen Orchestra came to SIS to perform two beautiful songs for us, thanks to the PSA for organizing (in 2C, Katie’s mom, Lisa). What a treat!


Also, today was Field Day! We are lucky because this year the weather was nice with a cool breeze. Check out how much fun we had!

Plants and Mealworms!

We are developing our observation and note-taking skills as botanists and entomologists. Using our five senses (actually, four) we observed organisms with our eyes, nose, hands, and ears. Every day, we sketch what the mealworms look like and every Friday, we sketch what our plants look like. We love using magnifying glasses to look at all the details!

For math, we have learned how to 1) collect data 2) represent data 3) analyze data. We learned this new math concept pretty fast. Next week, we are going to look into reading different types of graphs.

Persuasive Writing Part 2

Last week, we got inspiration from the book I Wanna Iguana, and wrote our own letters to parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and teachers. Well, we talked about that not all persuasive letters will work, but we still have to try. Some of us reasoned for a pet, a trampoline, Minecraft, etc, and guess what? Many of us came to a compromise with our parents. Not a bad start, huh?

This week, we focused on issues that we are passionate about. We learned that there are different “kinds” of persuasive writing, and this one is more of the “serious” type. Here are some examples.

For science, we started to learn about the parts of plants. We will inquire more into the function of each part and a plant’s life cycle. We started to plant our seeds. Angel, Brooke, Bryn, Sienna and Kenny’s seeds have already sprouted a bit!

Also, this week is Book Week and we had so much fun! We hope we win the door decorating contest…

Persuasive Writing

This week we analyzed the different parts of our new writing genre, persuasive writing. This genre is always fun because we get to share our opinions and engage in debates. For example, we tackled the question: Should children get to grade their teachers?  Some of us felt very passionate about our opinions and we used a “Tug of War” analogy to show our thinking. Most of us said no.

We dove further into persuasive writing and started composing letters to parents, teachers, friends, or other family members about topics ranging from, no homework, going to the mall, and getting an iPhone. As we composed our letters, we looked at using strong words to sound more convincing.

Thank you to all the parents who helped set up the Literacy Lounge at Level 5 this week. We all enjoyed reading each other’s stories. The place was super cozy and many of us found a good nook to enjoy some crazy and funny stories.

We also got a chance to visit the Grade 6s over at Bayside. They did a wonderful job explaining their science experiments!

One final THANK YOU to Ido and his mom for celebrating Purim with us, a Jewish holiday similar to Halloween! We are so lucky!

Lastly, for math, we started to tell time (to the nearest 5 minutes) but ran out of time! Next week we will continue that.