Identifying What Skills and Knowledge We Have

This week we went further into our discussion about our unit on values and outcomes.

Here’s our Central Idea again: People’s skills and knowledge can be used to produce something of value. 

We used a graphic organizer to evaluate certain skills/knowledge that is valuable to SIS, our school community.

Next week, we will be looking into what we can produce that would be of value to our SIS community.

For math, we learned about counting money.


Unpacking the word “Valuable”

We are starting a new unit about people’s skills and values.

Our central idea is: People’s skills and knowledge can be used to produce something of value.

We are going to inquire into:

  1. How value is determined.
  2. The outcome of our choices.
  3. How people contribute their skills and knowledge.

As an introduction, we brought in things that were valuable to us. We also talked about the different perspectives of value.


We learned a new math game that looked at repeated addition and equal groupings (hint hint– multiplication!) As your child how to play this game.

Student Led Conferences

Thank you for coming to Student Led Conferences. I hope you enjoyed it and celebrated your child’s progress this year in Second Grade. Please sign up for Seesaw app to instantly connect with your child’s learning.


Researching about Landforms

This (short) week, we have been working diligently on finalizing our research on landforms and preparing for our presentation next week. We will spend Friday and Monday practicing our presentations using the rubric as a guide.


In addition, we are finishing up this unit on fractions with a colorful art project!


Presentation Skills

In the upcoming short week, we will be working on finishing up our unit about landforms and theirs changes. Students will present the landform that they have been researching about. We have been learning about presentation skills in different categories below:

This chart is great for kids and adults!

Here’s a sneak peak at what students have created in Art class.

Also, here are some posters we’ve been using in class for math (fractions) and literacy (how to take notes for book clubs)


Inquiring into Weathering and Erosion

We are in the middle of our unit on How the World Works. Our Central Idea is: Natural processes change the Earth over time. This week, we looked into what erosion and weathering means. In the Investigation Center, children broke apart rocks and looked at their different properties. Taking this to a macro level, we discusses how natural processes like earthquakes, volcanoes, blizzards, and other storms change landforms on Earth. We realized some changes happen quickly, while others happen over millions of years.


As a part of our unit, we will also be learning presentation skills. For their final project, children will create a representation of changes in landforms and present their knowledge. Thank you 2A for coming in to speak to us about good presentation skills. We will start practicing next week!


For reading, we have been working on forming book clubs. From Monday-Thursday, children get ready for their book discussion on Friday. They take notes on character traits and the important parts of the story. Then on Friday, we discuss our thoughts about the books. So far this is the second week and it’s going smoothly! Next week, we will learn how to formulate discussion questions to prompt deeper conversations.

Lastly, review these expert words for geometry.