Welcome back!

Welcome back and Happy New Year! We got back into the routine of having a full day for school. At first, there were some sleepy faces but towards the end of the week, everyone was ready to tackle on a full day.

We dove right into starting our final project for this unit, Sharing the Planet and started to do research on ecosystems. Next week, we will make a non-fiction book about an ecosystem and include lots of text features like, bolded words, headings, table of contents, index, glossary, etc. Ms. Cheung has noticed that all the students are becoming stronger and confident researchers, especially doing research on the computer, iPads, and through books.


Today we went to a nearby mountain ecosystem (Nanshan Mountain Park). It was so fun getting to learn about our nearby environment and how it connects to our unit! Some of us found cool living things in the ground! Thank you to parents who came to help out.


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