Shenzhen History Museum

We just came back from our field trip to the Shenzhen History Museum. It was so cool learning about how Shenzhen changed over the years. We found out that people used to fish, hunt, and farm, and harvest oysters for a living. Then jobs changed as Shenzhen started to “open up” to the world. Shenzhen creates a lot of electronic goods in the present day.

A HUGE thank you to Eden’s mom for joining us today! We really appreciate the help.


For math, we are learning about graphing. We’ve added some math vocabulary for this topic.


And for reading, we will start to learn more about how authors play with words to make stories more colorful. This leads nicely to poetry.

For Unit of Inquiry, we are having discussions about the changes in inventions and how it is or isn’t influential to today’s life. We have been comparing and contrasting things and building up vocabulary for that as well.


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