Forming our Opinions

This week we didn’t take too many pictures because we were too busy debating! We have been learning how to form an opinion and come up with strong reasons to support it. We read the book, Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late! and then analyzed how the pigeon tried to persuade the reader. We took that idea and then Ms. Cheung asked this question: Should children be allowed to stay up late? We then had a debate about it. Some of us were persuaded to change our minds while others stood firm. Most of us agree that children shouldn’t be allowed to stay up late. Pretty principled, eh?

Next, many of us just have deepened our love for creative writing time. A new group have formed and they are writing and informational piece about our culture’s food. We had an idea to make a book and ask Ms. Liz from Admissions to share this book to new families of SIS. What a sweet idea!

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