Comparing Old and New Shenzhen

This week we worked on showcasing our knowledge about the history of Shenzhen. We had to answer these questions for our final project.:

  1. Can you create a visual representation of old vs. new Shenzhen?
  2. How can you compare and contrast the lifestyle of old Shenzhen and now?
  3. Why did your family move to Shenzhen? What caused the move?

After gathering resources about the history of China and specifically, we chose our creative ways to show our learning. Some forms are, Book Creator, posters, informational books, skits using green screen, and a 3D model of Shenzhen. We will finish up this project and present about it next week.


Also, we have been so lucky to receive free Hebrew lesson from Mr. Zohar, our new teacher. We learned some basic words like, 1-10, friend, hello, yes, no, etc. How fun!

Lately, Ms. Cheung has been mentioning PYP Learner Profile words. If you have the time, try having a discussion about how we (students, teachers, parents…everyone) show all 10 attributes.

Lastly, we have learned a new reading strategy, called, making inferences.

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