Inquiring into Weathering and Erosion

We are in the middle of our unit on How the World Works. Our Central Idea is: Natural processes change the Earth over time. This week, we looked into what erosion and weathering means. In the Investigation Center, children broke apart rocks and looked at their different properties. Taking this to a macro level, we discusses how natural processes like earthquakes, volcanoes, blizzards, and other storms change landforms on Earth. We realized some changes happen quickly, while others happen over millions of years.


As a part of our unit, we will also be learning presentation skills. For their final project, children will create a representation of changes in landforms and present their knowledge. Thank you 2A for coming in to speak to us about good presentation skills. We will start practicing next week!


For reading, we have been working on forming book clubs. From Monday-Thursday, children get ready for their book discussion on Friday. They take notes on character traits and the important parts of the story. Then on Friday, we discuss our thoughts about the books. So far this is the second week and it’s going smoothly! Next week, we will learn how to formulate discussion questions to prompt deeper conversations.

Lastly, review these expert words for geometry.


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