Happy New Year

Welcome back after a (hopefully) relaxing break. We have a few weeks of wrapping up from our last units on Migration (don’t forget the Refugee podcast the students can listen to) and on multiplying and dividing. We have MAP tests coming up so please ensure students are rested and have fully charged iPads with the … Continue reading Happy New Year

Teacher update October recount- Looking forward to November

October has come and gone and what a great month full of activity and learning! Our unit on Culture was completed and celebrated with a trip to Windows of the World where the children recognised and enjoyed many aspects of culture, whilst mixing with children from different classes. Halloween was a big celebration (unusual for … Continue reading Teacher update October recount- Looking forward to November

Who We Are

As we launch into our Unit of Inquiry Who We Are students had a busy morning looking at various pictures from different cultures around the world and think about what they can see and any questions they had. These are just a few! Students were encouraged to be Inquirers and make connections with Knowledge they … Continue reading Who We Are