Thursday 30th August

Good morning,

As you know we have had a weather warning so school has been closed for the day. Luckily you should all have your iPads and I have my laptop so we can still do some of the work planned!

WRITING: I would like you to make sure you have done the Classcraft Quest and start on the Personal Narrative Quest. Read the instructions carefully! I would like you to go as far as the Imagination Slopes if you can. Think about our discussion on the carpet of moments we can make from ordinary times (the cockroach coming in, the phone in the pocket, the rock through the window etc) Your writing should be detailed and thoughtful or you won’t pass the level!

READING: Epic should now be set up for you all too- there is a challenge on there to try!

MATHS: For maths you have various maths games downloaded and there is an additional activity on Seesaw. Choose a problem in maths that you want to show off that you know how to do!

But why not try something different too- learn how to make a new recipe, make your own bed, find the oldest book in your house! Try taking some photos from different angles and of things you have never taken before- find the beauty in the world! Let me know how you get on.

Hope to see you tomorrow!


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