Weekly update 14th September

This week in reading students have been focusing on studying characters in their story books and using academic language to describe  what they see and hear. This is linking in with their own story writing that they are working towards. 

This week in writing we focused on planning and writing our drafts. It was great to see the students put the characters they’ve been working on into stories and watch the stories come to life. We’ve been focusing on using different openings to hook our readers in. Ask your students about their stories! 

This week, students in Grade 4 wrapped up the first half of their Unit 1 Module. They have gained a deeper understanding of place value, the Base-10 system, ordering, and rounding using number lines. We will now move into fluently adding and subtracting whole numbers.

This week in our Cultural Unit we explored other cultures in our classroom as well as own culture with interview questions.  Identifying what culture is and what it means to others, introduced unit vocabulary. Students should conduct their interviews with family over the weekend.

Well done to Brooke for being selected as STUCO and a big thank you to Eric, Marcus, Dorothy and Bubu who all worked hard too! And congratulations to Angelina, Gwanwoo and Jack who were ESLR winners this week as our class’s Global Citizens. Angelina and Gwanwoo were chosen for helping classmates without being asked, whilst Jack was recognised for his contributions to the class community. Every student should be proud of their efforts to show empathy to each other! Well done!

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