Teacher Update 12th October

This week in writing we have started a new unit! We will be studying opinion writing and argumentation. Students will learn to use graphic organizers to plan and write five paragraph essays independently. We will start slow with a guided essay about a topic we all know. Next, students will be given creative control and develop their own ideas with well thought out reasons and details to support them. Let’s see where this brings our group.

In reading we have started to explore non-fiction texts and how to pick out the main features and what is important information. Reading non-fiction can be seen as a challenge but actually it is all around us- right now you are reading non-fiction! Non-fiction often exposes us to lots of new vocabulary, so students will learn ways to comprehend the texts through note-taking and conversation.

Who We Are  Unit,  focusing on our Central Idea: Our Cultural backgrounds shape our beliefs, values and actions.  We shared our interviews with relatives and discuss cultures with others.  Students presented a New Culture of their own design and ideas including some wonderful houses, clothes and food ideas, as well as what the values and governments of these cultures were made up of.

In maths we began our new unit on Measurement, focusing on metric units and how metres, litres and grams all use the same basic structure to convert between milli-, centi-, and kilo-. Khan Academy videos and work should be completed to consolidate this learning at home.

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