Teacher update October recount- Looking forward to November

October has come and gone and what a great month full of activity and learning!

Our unit on Culture was completed and celebrated with a trip to Windows of the World where the children recognised and enjoyed many aspects of culture, whilst mixing with children from different classes. Halloween was a big celebration (unusual for my personal culture) but the children engaged in activities throughout the day, learning how Halloween and various different celebrations were celebrated across the world. They then created their own celebration day and thought about how they would celebrate it, as well as using some maths and research skills to cost out the day.

As we enter November we are well into our Landform unit- looking at how patterns in nature affect the Earth’s physical features and the children have been learning about weathering and erosion in detail and how various landforms are created over thousands of years. They are currently exploring ways to prevent erosion and trying to save houses that might fall into a fast flowing river! Using models they are using the design cycle to try ideas and work on improving their techniques through ‘failing forward’.

In maths we have moved forward from measurement to looking at area and perimeter and working on important multiplication facts and techniques. There were some interesting discussions and discoveries on square numbers and factors, and hands on activities creating arrays with cubes to show our understanding.

In literacy, non-fiction is still the focus. Opinion essays have been ongoing in writing, thinking about creating strong reasons and evidence in the standard essay style to support and deliver our ideas. Posters around the room encourage vocabulary that will help to strengthen their argument and raise it to a higher standard than previous years. In reading, essays about non-fiction topics of our choice are helping us really solidify the essay structure of main point and supporting details. I’m glad to say we have some interesting topics- and we came up with the acronym BOW for finding information using Books, Online books and Webpages. Citing sources is also part of this unit.

We are hoping to start Genius Hour next week too. This was done in Grade 3 by one of the classes so the students from that class did a presentation to introduce what Genius Hour is to the rest of the class. The idea is to encourage the students to ask questions, research, create and then share on a topic they are interested in. They get an hour a week (for us it will be Thursday) and that time is used for whatever area interests them. I hope to be able to call on parents if they have any areas of expertise that could help students!

It really has been a wonderful month and especially these last few weeks have felt like we are really bonding as a class. Nearly time for a class party as the students get closer to their goal of each achieving 1000KP in Read theory and having read 1000 books on Epic! Keep it up!

Thanks for your support!

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