Teacher update- Wow, November, what a month!

As I write this on the last day of November, I can not believe how much has occurred this month!

We have completed our unit on How the World Works, with some students showcasing their projects on saving a town from erosion at the Maker Faire in Shekou. We have hit the ground running with our new unit on Migration, discussing the numerous reasons people would migrate to new places. Push and Pull factors and learning about refugees and immigrants helped the students use drama to display their knowledge so far and be creative in showcasing it!

In writing and reading we have continued to grow in our understanding of non-fiction writing. Essay topics have ranged from details about the skin, why the construction should end outside Jingshan to why cats are cute and facts that prove a certain little brother is annoying! (Clearly they were free to choose their own subjects!) As we near the end of this writing the students are preparing some final pieces to share at the Publishing Party!

In maths, multiplication, division and area and perimeter are everyday vocabulary! Discussions and investigations into prime, composite and square numbers have been engaging and interesting. Seeing children argue their theories and then use evidence to show their beliefs is quite something, and makes maths facts more memorable in the long term.

As well as the standard learning, we have celebrated International Week, with many fabulous talks and activities- thank you to all who gave up their time to help! In art the students had a trip which got them seeing how design works in the real world day to day. And of course we had a big celebration of reading once every student in the class reached 1000 knowledge points on Read Theory and as a class we topped 1000 books on Epic. They also played a game during the day to get over 1000 points in Hit The Button as a team (linking back to square numbers!)

Finally Kindness day was a big highlight, where each child created a card for a randomly chosen classmate- which was added to randomly twice more through the day. With that and the support classmates gave to those in the drama club play, it is no wonder we won the Golden Sneaker PE award for Caring.

Great job 4D! I look forward to our last few weeks of 2018, and bring on 2019!!IMG_6960-1zo072h IMG_6750-1kul2rl IMG_2534-17jlnio

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