Teacher update 15th February

Xīnnián kuàilè!

Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s been a really great week in 4D, with more and more people getting involved in class discussions, particularly linked to our morning meetings videos where we have been watching some of the ‘Born Different’ series and making connections and talking about empathy.

In Maths we are continuing with our Geometry unit, particularly focussing this week on looking at angles in polygons and how we can use protractors to work out degrees but also by using their properties and known facts to check our work. We will continue to work on protractor use as well as drawing angles and properties of shapes.

In writing, we are doing informational texts and working on note taking and research skills, whilst linking this into our PYP unit which began this week. We also wrote a newspaper article detailing our provocation, using quotes and pictures with captions to attract our readers.

Our PYP unit began with a bang this week when we watched some interesting and exciting videos that showed various animals in the wild. This started our unit with the central idea “Living things process and respond to information in different ways for survival”. We discussed how humans have certain responses and will continue to look into animals and plants, beginning with their specific structures then moving onto the systems they use.

In reading we are continuing with historical fiction whilst also looking at the way we respond to questions. We have used Read Theory to use context clues for working out new words and unknown phrases. As well as this each guided reading group has their own book that they are studying, as well as two of the groups going with Ms Gibson for more focussed EAL teaching of reading English.

Our overnight stay is coming up soon- meeting is on 19th February at 4.20pm and it promises to be an adventure the students won’t forget!


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