Teacher Update 1st March

Another week has flown past in the blink of an eye it would seem!

4D have been lapping up the information they are discovering and discussing on structures of living things- each morning starting with them choosing which area they would like to discover that day. This week we had the urinary system, the brain, hair and the immune system. Working in Classcraft teams to remember key facts helped to build team spirit and earn points while learning all about what is happening every day inside our own bodies.

Unit of Inquiry continues with our Central Idea ‘Living Things process and respond to information in different ways for survival’. Combining our non-fiction information text writing with our Unit of Inquiry the students have been working on developing their chapter on our first line of inquiry ‘Structures of living things’ and moving onto our second line of inquiry ‘Systems sense, process and respond’ by studying our very own survival modes of flight, fight or freeze and ending the day barefoot in the grass.

By the end of both units each student should have a fully developed information chapter book, which they are well on their way to developing.

In reading we are continuing to look at historical fiction. We have been reading Wishtree and The Wishing Tree to make connections and have put up our very own wish tree in the classroom using both the Irish and Chinese techniques of making wishes. We’ll see if any come true!

In Maths we have begun our fractions unit. This week we identified and investigated what both parts of the fraction means and their real world applications. We have created our own fraction walls and will continue to look at relationships between fractions including equivalence, lowest form and fractions of amounts. Talking with your students about fractions you see and use in everyday life is a way to really help make those connections from school to the real world, whether it is using a recipe, working out how much of the film you have watched or checking discounts at stores, it all helps!


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