April over, May in full force!

Celebrating our end of the Economy unit with a trip to Tencent was an excellent learning experience for the students to see their discussions on import, export, profits etc come alive in a real life example. But the real highlight of the day was the trip to the ice skating rink to launch our Energy topic (and have lots of fun, and some bruises!)

Students showed the learner profiles ‘risk taker’, ‘collaborator’ and ‘communicator’ as well as being ‘caring’ to those who were new and needed assistance. Experiments were created by the students based on what materials they had and they theorised and tested some hypotheses about friction, force and push and pull (including one that meant Ms Ferguson had to be pushed on a plastic dolphin…)

As we race towards MAP testing and then very quickly onto the end of term, we are reflecting about our learning and looking at areas we may want to visit in maths and language. Freckle has been a useful tool to help us assess our own areas of need and, after the success of our Read Theory party, new targets have been set for the next celebration; this time with a maths focus!

I look forward to learning and growing together over the coming weeks, and looking forward to continuing great learning experiences in Grade 5!

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