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About 5B

About 5B

By: Vanda (Unicorn), Emmie, Long

Hello! We are going to tell you about 5B! In 5B, we students learn and have fun at the same time.

We learn about math, science, social studies, reading and writing.Every day we start off by setting a daily goal and doing our daily word problem. Then we either read or write until recess. Then after recess we have specials which are Chinese, P.E, music, or art. Then off to Lunch! Yummy! Next is recess, again then we come back to the class and have read aloud. When we’re done with that we work on math, science, or social studies. That ends our day.

On Fridays we have F.A.T.E which is short for Friday Afternoon Time for Enrichment (or Exploration), which basically playing board games, working on project or if we can handle we can play on our iPads.

6% art, 5% P.E, 3% music, 2% Chinese. Probably, your asking your self what are we doing? Well, this is 5B’s favourites specials votes, well most of them is a guess so if we got it wrong, sorry!

In art we have fun projects like drawing body parts and painting or cutting and glueing. Our next unit will be drawing an animal. (Guess what Vanda wants to draw? a unicorn!) In P.E we have units like tennis, badminton, gymnastics, soccer, swimming, basketball and much more. P.E can be fun but tiring. In music we sing a lot of peaceful songs, and when you hear the harmony you would smile!

5B is very fun and we always make the best of things, well when we are not laughing our tails off!

Go fabulous 5b!


 We are…



We are 5B!


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