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Welcome! My name is Allyson Hominski, and I am very excited to be teaching Grade 5 again at SIS this year. I feel privileged to work with an exceptional team of teachers and look forward to  a new journey of learning with the fifth grade students. I am originally from Connecticut in the United States but have spent the past five years teaching at SIS in Shekou, and prior to that, I have lived and studied in Italy and Spain. Before traveling internationally, I lived in the northern Boston area in the US and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Endicott College. I received a Master of Education in International Education Administration from the College of International Studies in Madrid. I love taking on new travel adventures and exploring the outdoors, enjoy athletics and spending time with my family and friends, and love to read and listen to music. I am confident this school year will be fun, exciting, and one full of adventure! I look forward to sharing that journey of learning with you.



  1. Dear Allyson;

    I am so happy to see Chloe has started to blossom in your class. She really loves the way you guide her studies and the atmosphere in the class. She became so much more confident in such a short time.


  2. jordana bloom says:

    I think that fabulous 5b is awesome. it’s so nice to be able to see all the great thigns going on in class. thanks to everyone for giving us a window to your days.

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