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About Our School~SIS Rocks!

Watch the SIS video here.
Hi readers and welcome to Fabulous 5B! Our school is called SIS, or Shekou International School. Our school is very awesome because we get iPads to help us learn. And in SIS we learn in fun ways! We have field trips to many places around China like museums.
We have four different specials, in music we learn how to compose our own songs and we learn to sing. In art we have very difficult, but fun projects, we also have a chart for points, five is the maximum, and then there is a list of every class, and at the end of class, you see how many points you deserve. And at the end of each trimester the one with the most points gets a party.
In Chinese, well we just learn Chinese and play Chinese games.
In P.E. we get to play a lot of games such as tag, dodgeball, capture the flag etc.
SIS has assemblies like every other month. Every assembly is hosted by a different grade, so it’s fair.
Our school is very protected, and we practice fire drills incase of a fire, and we have lock-in drills incase if someone comes into our school and hurt other people.
We get guidance and library very other week, in guidance we learn how to avoid bullies and cyber bulling etc. In library we check out books to read, maximum 4 books.
In the morning we have recess, we can bring snack there if you choose to. Then we have lunch, you can bring your lunch to school, or you can eat at the cafeteria.
This is SIS!
Written by: Alisa and Jasmin


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