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Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

Take a quiz created by a 5B student!

By Emmie Xue

California Quiz!

Question #1: Where is Disneyland in California

Question #2: What is the state north of California

Question #3: What is California Known for growing

Question #4: What country is south of California

Question #5: Is California Amazing

By: Jasmin Wieczorek

Where I live?

Question #1: Where is Hiebronn?

Question #2: Where is Bangkok

Question #3: What is near to Germany?

Question #4: What is near Thailand?

Question #5: Where am I from?

By: Long Nguyen


Question #1: What is one of the colors of leaves in fall?

Question #2: What is the Temperature in Canada?

Question #3: What colors is the flag of Canada?

Question #4: What is the special food in Canada?

Question #5: What is the animal sign on a cent?


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