Kick it up a notch by connecting and collaborating with an expert, for your AMPed Project

Why should you collaborate with an expert?
First of all, it makes it real and relevant and it keeps you focused on your AMPed project.
Second, sometimes your teachers don’t have all the answer and an expert in the particular field can help you be successful directing your focus in completing your AMPed project.
How will you do this?
1.) Who will you contact? You and another person in your advisory will first help each other out by coming up with an expert that each person can connect with in their AMPed project. I strongly advise you to write down a list of people when you are brainstorming back and forth who this person could be. Be careful to quickly contact a high profile professional( Ronaldo, Real Madrid) to be your collaborator. Go for it, but you need to be realistic and understand they may not speak to you. Once you decide who is best for you, make sure you clear this expert(s) with your advisor.
2.) Making the Connection happen and getting their contact details. Many professionals have their site or blogs and also are on Twitter. Emailing them would be the easy way or leaving a comment on their blog. Creating a Twitter account and looking them up on the Twitter is also very useful. If you decide to do this I strongly advise you to speak to your advisor on making your Twitter handle name and appearance professional looking. If you look and feel professional in your project, you are a professional of that particular field. Another route and you have to ask your advisor, if they could contact them through Twitter on your behalf. You will have to create the Tweet and your teacher can just Tweet it for you. Lastly, ask your peers if their father or mother knows someone that is in your field of interest that would be willing to collaborate with you.
Here is an example of how this would work out.
     ie. Several students are working on learning to cook. I would ask they make contact with restaurant establishments and speak to their owner and head chef. Get the number to call the restaurant or hotel restaurant. You will be amazed at what professionals will do for students like you.
3.) You have 1 or several persons to contact, now you need to create appropriate questions:
Create a bank of questions to ask your expert(s), you may want to go over this with a friend or your advisor. Below is how you could start.
          My name is James. Im inspired about your work and was wonder if you would be willing to giving me some pointers on my project.
          My project deadline that I have set for myself is May 1st. I am this far and have this much accomplished. I am having a tough time with x could you help.
4.) Deadline. I suggest you push yourself to connect this person within a week.
Building rapport with your expert will allow you to contact them again if you need further directing in your project in the future.
What does it look like?
Possibility are endless. However direction is crucial. Your expert has many years of experience in your learning field. They know what works and what doesn’t. The hope is that they direct you to finish your project and acknowledge speed bumps that you will have to overcome along the way.
EXAMPLE SCENARIO: James has been having conversations with a game developer and understanding the logistic of what needs to be learned first in order to get his game project off the ground. Every two weeks, he checks-in with his expert that has been willing to help him create his own game.