Staff Getting Started

Your Role

It’s crucial that you showcase your own interests/learnings to your students. This will help spark intrinsic motivation within your learners to go out and learning something new and be proud of their own achievements.

Share with the students:

Why learn what they want to learn?

Because you are interested and show a liking or passion about a certain experience, action or outcome.

How are you going to do this?

This will be done a variety of ways. Here are a few examples

  • inquire
    • tinker
      • draw, build, breakdown, code, create, produce, adjust.
    • fail
    • repeat
    • read, write and research
    • mind map
    • document your findings or work

What is it that you will be actually doing and what does it look like.

Think of the impossible. You will again, inquire, evaluate your work and share with your peers and greater global community.

6th Grade Teachers who have done Genius Hour in their classroom:

Mrs. Brennan

Dr. Chris McGee

7th and 8th Grade Teachers

Ms. Delaney’s Genius hour¬†

Mrs. Kirr

Difficulty coming up with what you like to do… weird but I guess it can happen.




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