HS Writing to STAR

Write your interest to STAR


Where are you now. Funny but, what is the problem that interests you. What is your interest or passion that currently needs to be fixed or worked on. 

Tell me a problem that you have seen that really interests you to investigate to make it better/solve.


How do you want to try to solve the problem and why.

Tell me how you want to solve this problem and why its important to you

What does your final project/build/writing look like?


Tell me the steps. Every step you will take to reach your task(the thing you want to do)

Tell me the bumps in the road you foresee

Tell me how you go over those bump and move on to make sure to say on your task.

How do you know you are going the right direction?

Be as specific as possible. It will be purposeful to you in the end.



Reaching out and making a connection is key to your success in your interest project. As much as your advisor or teachers can assist you with your project, its unlikely they are complete experts themselves in the area your project is based on. So this is why its essential to make headway and find one or more experts to assist you in your project. As alway please use THINK as a means of making your connection through social media. Also ask your parents to assist you when making phone calls or face to face contacts in you community. Finally if you are not sure about your contact please seek advise from your advisor, teachers, and or parents. For more details about making a connections with an expert click here


Tell me how you solved your problem. What does your product/build/writing pieces look like.

What did you do to accomplish/solve your problem.

Tell me what you learned?



 EXAMPLE of Writing to STAR


For years I have been interested in computer electronic circuitry. Arduino single micro-board controller, came out in 2005. It’s quiet inexpensive for a starter kit. But I don’t have the money to buy one. 


My first task is find a way to purchase an Arduino starter kit. I will need advice from my Advisor and parents to help me find a way to purchase the starter kit. Once I purchase the kit, I want to learn and go through all possible ways to use the Arduino micro-board and the breadboard that comes with it. Why: I find this an avenue that I can dive deeper into and really make something very interesting. 



I will begin with speaking with my advisor and parents to find a way for me to raise money to purchase a starter kit. Nothing is free in life and I must learn out to obtain funding for my learning.

This will take a lot of documentation on how to obtain money from investors(parents, family or friends). I will record my process via blog on how I did way about to obtain money. This may be useful for my peers but it will give me a chance to evaluate how far I have come and how much farther I have to go. 


Oct. I hope to have enough money to purchase $200 Arduino starter kit. 

Nov. I hope to begin learning 

Dec. Learn several modules that I can apply to learning at school


I hope to learn as much programing and circuity as possible and use the Arduino circuit board. I will have much more to share once I get the Arduino board and hope that my result change once I learn more about it


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