Steps to your STAR

Write your interest to STAR


Where are you now. Funny but, what is the problem that interests you. What is your interest or passion that currently needs to be fixed or worked on. 

Tell me a problem that you have seen that really interests you to investigate to make it better/solve.


How do you want to try to solve the problem and why.

Tell me how you want to solve this problem and why its important to you.

What does your final project/build/writing look like?


Question everything you could possibly encounter with the task you going to learn, do or create. Below are prompted question, but you will need to dive deeper on how to be successful in your own learning. 

Tell me the steps. Every step you will take to reach your task(the thing you want to do)

Tell me the bumps in the road you foresee

Tell me how you go over those bump and move on to make sure to say on your task.

How do you know you are going the right direction?

Be as specific as possible. It will be purposeful to you in the end.



Reaching out and making a connection is key to your success in your interest project. As much as your advisor or teachers can assist you with your project, its unlikely they are complete experts themselves in the area your project is based on. So this is why its essential to make headway and find one or more experts to assist you in your project. As alway please use THINK as a means of making your connection through social media. Also ask your parents to assist you when making phone calls or face to face contacts in you community. Finally if you are not sure about your contact please seek advise from your advisor, teachers, and or parents. For more details about making a connections with an expert click here


Tell me how you solved your problem. What does your product/build/writing pieces look like.

What did you do to accomplish/solve your problem.

Tell me what you learned?



 EXAMPLE of Writing to STAR


 I really have a tough time writing, but I am really good at games.


I want to create a game that I can write a story to. (I believe there is a game on the iPad where I can make my own game up.

Why: This will help improve my writing by creating a long successful story.


 I will begin my story on x day. And revise it on my own as well has have my friend and mom and dad.

Im really interested in fantasy, so my story will be based on several fictional characters.

These are the characters:

x: Character description 

c: Character description

v:Character description

s.Character description

Once I begin the story I can then create the first level of the game. For now I will write and create each game level.

Put in a time table. 

(Leave room for more of your action)



I have gather several contact names through research, they are programmers for games I really enjoy playing, e.g. Mario Brothers original(email: programmers name: Luigi.  I have found contacts for pixel press Floors. Their emails are here:

I will email them and cc my advisor: The questions I want to ask are the following

How do I game more players to play my game in Floors. 

I would like to help floors our by making a how to video for them and post it on Youtube. Would they be willing to showcase my video on their website or app. 


I finished my Story game and had my friend follow and play. I got back some positive feedback to make another game. I learned a lot about myself and how I write. I had several adults read my story and play my game. The journey of  my game is on my blog and I categories it AMPed.

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