New Beginnings

The students and I have spent the past two days getting to know each other and have started establishing our rules and routines. We created a ‘class puzzle’ filled with facts about ourselves, which is a creative way of displaying our key information, interests, and hobbies. These pieces of information all helped to spark talking points, thus allowing the students to see what they have in common. This, I hope, will be the beginning of new friendships for some and the enrichment of existing ones for others.

Class Puzzle

After discussing what we need in order for us to be able to learn effectively, the students created their own class rules, which are now on display, serving as a visual reminder of behaviour expectations. I find it beneficial to have the students create their own class rules, rather than forcing my own rules upon them, as this helps them to feel like it is their classroom, where they do their learning, and therefore the rules are there to support them, rather than restrict them.

Class Charter

Finally, we discussed how we should be motivated to learn for learning’s sake but how we occasionally need an external reward for further motivation. The children chose their own rewards and it was interesting to see that for good behaviour and hard work, they wanted two of their rewards to be extra reading and writing time!

Class Points

If you would like to come and see any of these displays or pieces of work, please come and see me one day after school.

Have a great weekend.


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