ABC Book Sharing

For the past few weeks, your children have been making ABC books based on their home countries. To do this, they had to use iPads, non-fiction books, and atlases to find the relevant information, which had to include the resources of their countries, a map, a map key, and a compass rose. The aim of this work was to improve their research skills and to develop their comparing and contrasting skills, as the students had to compare and contrast their home countries with other countries.

After finishing our books, we visited Grade 1 in the library and shared our books with them. The children really enjoyed this and it gave them a chance to test their confidence and improve their presentation skills. They liked it so much that one student even said “This is the best thing I’ve ever done! I wish we could do this every day!” and they could. There is nothing to stop them making and presenting more books in their free time! Our next science topic is ‘Motion and Matter’…perhaps they’d like to make a ‘Motion and Matter’ book at home?


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