Homework Update

Dear Parents,

Today sees the completion of the first piece of math homework and I wanted to show you an example.

chase-math-hw-1 chase-math-hw-2

Here, you can see what we at SIS are trying to do- getting the students to show their working out in multiple ways. This enables them to deepen their thinking and increase their understanding of key concepts.

Some of the students said that the homework was too easy for them and that they finished it quickly, yet only 4 of the 21 students in 3C got the last question correct. From this, I hope that they have learned to take their time and to read the questions properly, as well as to show their working out in multiple ways.

On Monday, the children will take home a new piece of math homework, as well as a new learning grid. From now on, math homework will be sent home every Monday, with a new learning grid being sent home every second Monday. In addition to this, the children can use their Khan Academy and Raz Kids accounts whenever they need to do more studying.

Thank you for your support with our developing homework policy. If you have any comments, feedback, or suggestions, please write in the box below. Thank you and have a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “Homework Update

  1. Thanks Mr Musker! We are really enjoying the new style of homework, we love the flexibility, choice and how the students are encouraged to be creative!

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