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To get the students excited about writing, I’m encouraging them to do one piece of writing a week, at home. At the moment, this is taking the form of a diary entry, and this diary entry could be about a recent event, or about something from far in the past. I have told the students that they can choose to write a diary entry about anything. They can write it on paper, they can make drawings to go with it, they could type it into their blogs, they could make PPTs with videos in, anything. I will be making a weekly entry as well and below is my first one.

22nd November: Diary Entry 01: Bubble Football

Last weekend, I went to Lianhuashan Park to play ‘Bubble Football’ with some new friends. It is such a funny sport because it is like regular football, only you are inside a giant bubble, which means you can run and fall over without getting hurt! The bubbles looked like this:


First of all, we divided ourselves into teams. We then had to think of a way to work out who our team mates were because it was actually quite hard to see each other through the bubbles! Someone came up with the great idea of looking at each other’s shoes. My team had people wearing green, blue and pink shoes, and this idea worked great…until we played against a team that also had someone wearing pink shoes! It was so confusing!


We played regular football matches for the first hour. After these, we played some fun games, such as ‘Capture the Flag’ and ‘Last Bubble Standing’. In ‘Last Bubble Standing’, we had to make a big circle and then all run forwards at the same time, bumping off of each other. From then on, you could run into whoever you wanted to, and when there was only one bubble ‘left standing’, the game would end.

I got into the final! I was very happy about this because I was one of the smallest people there! However, in the final, I was against a person who was much, much bigger than me, and this is what happened:

But that didn’t matter because it was incredibly fun, and funny! I can’t wait to go again, but right now, I just need to sleep. My body is incredibly tired and a little bit sore!


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  1. I love this idea and I look forward to reading all the great diary entries. Thanks for also sharing your bubble football story, it sounds like heaps of fun!

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