Monday, September 4th Weekly Update

Here are some activities you could complete at home today.

Reading: Family Reading Sentence Starters PDF After you have finished reading a book (or books!) today, try using these sentence starters to have a conversation with someone in your family about what you’ve read.

Math: Fact Monster Math Flashcards. Practise your division and multiplication (and addition and subtraction) with these levelled math flash card. In addition to this, here are tons of math games and activities:

Social Studies: In this subject, we have been studying maps. This website: has a lot of map activities that you could complete.

Please remember, the most important part of a typhoon day is to stay safe!

Some parents have asked Ms. Hamley to share the MAP presentation that she presented. You can find that here: (on the right side, titled ‘MAP Test’).

Last week, we finished our Judy Moody ME Collages and shared them as a class. The children all presented their information to each other, practising their public speaking skills, as well as their listening and questioning skills. Here are a few photos from the sharing session:

Please look below for information about this week’s learning.


This week, our reading lessons all focus on how to choose an appropriate book for your reading level, and how to complete your ‘reading log’. Please look out for this reading log this week, as it will be coming home to be completed for homework. As our homework is focused on reading, the reading log will allow for the homework to be tracked.

Please note that the reading log may be edited and therefore look slightly different by the time you see it at home.


Standard (W.3.3): Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, descriptive details, and clear event sequences.

This week, we will be primarily looking at ‘small moment stories’, which is different to what the yearly overview shows. As the year has now started and we teachers have a better understanding of how the year should progress, we have decided to teach this unit, ‘Crafting True Stories’, earlier than previously planned. This unit is where the students choose a ‘small moment’ from their life and develop it into a story. For example, if, one day, you drive to a shop, go shopping, have lunch in the mall, and then drive home, I’ll be asking you to choose one ‘small moment’ from that day, such as having lunch. Then, instead of writing ‘then we had lunch’, I’ll be asking you to ‘tell me more’. This means you could answer questions such as: where did you sit? Was the chair comfortable? How were you feeling? What did the food look like? Smell like? Was it delicious? Tell me more! The purpose of this is for the students to develop deeper, more detailed, more interesting stories.

Here is an example of a small moment story:

Resources: The first 65 (65!) slides on this link will give you a very detailed understanding of what we are doing in the 5 writing lessons this week:


Due to a parent request, I have decided to make the math that I am teaching easier to understand for parents at home. Therefore, this chart shows you what we are studying this week:

Specifically, here are some resources directly related to the above lessons.

Lesson 6:

Lesson 7:

Lesson 8:

Lesson 9:

Lesson 10:

Social Studies

Focus: Map types (political, physical and resource) and resources (natural, human, capital).

Resources: PDF Home and Away Week 4 , PPT Home and Away Week 4 (please note, the PPT has videos embedded whereas the PDF does not).

Word Work

This week, my group will be starting to study ‘inflected endings’. There are the words they’ll be learning to spell:

In addition to this, you could practise these words via this Quizlet:

As the students are at different levels, the Grade 3 team have decided to teach Word Work in groups, rather than as classes. This means that we can be more focused, with the students having their particular areas of need targeted. However, as there are six groups, your child may not necessarily be studying the above words. Please ask me if you have any questions about this, or any suggestions about how to share what your child is studying.

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