Learning Update


3C class assembly this Friday, in the SPAH, from 8.15am onwards.

After the assembly, there is our field trip to Sihai Park. Students should be wearing an SIS t-shirt and be bringing a packed lunch. Please re-read the trip letter for more information.


This week, readers will develop their fluency and the use of their “teacher’s voice”, which is what they will use when reading to each other. If you wish to support with this at home, please ask your child about the attached PDF, which shows how they can use their voice for different effects.

Narrators of Non-Fiction PDF


For an overview of this unit, please read this PDF: Maths Newsletter PDF

This week, students will complete lessons 1 and 2 from topic A of module 6, found here: EngageNY Maths, Topic A, Module 6, Lesson 1

Social Studies

This week, students will be following ‘Line of Inquiry 2’, which is ‘How do (natural events, earthquake, volcanic eruption) affect the environment?’ Students will study different types of natural disasters, why they occur and the affects that they have. After this, they will compare and contrast different natural disasters. On Friday, students will visit Sihai Park for a field trip, in preparation for studying ‘Line of Enquiry 3’, which is related to communities. In Sihai Park, they will observe their local community, how people interact with each other and how their community functions.

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