Student Led Conferences

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Dear Parents,

On Thursday 10th May, we would like to invite you to attend your child’s student led conference.


What is a Student Led Conference?

This is an opportunity for your child to share with you their learning. Most importantly it is a chance for you to celebrate with them their growth and development.


What should I expect?

They will carefully take you through their goals and the work they have prepared. They will talk about their strengths and areas of growth both in their homeroom and specialist classes.


What is the Teacher’s Role?

The teacher will be present in the classroom observing the students’ celebrations as they share. The teacher will not be directly involved in the conference.


How to support your child during the conference?

  • Give specific and positive feedback.
  • Ask specific questions.
  • Express confidence in their ability to lead this conference.



The Grade 3 Team

Shekou International School

Student Led Conferences: Tips for Parents



What should I expect?


Your child will have a plan to follow. They will carefully take you through their goals and the work they have prepared. They will talk about the areas in which they still need to improve, their strengths and areas of growth.



How to support your child during the conference?

在这个家长会中, 如何帮助你的孩子?

  • Give specific and positive feedback:
  • 给予孩子具体且积极的反馈:
    • I can see you are trying to use more powerful words in your writing.
    • 我能看到你写作的时候尝试用比较有难度的词,让你的作文变得更有力量
    • I noticed that your handwriting is improving.
    • 我发现你的书写很有进步
    • You used so many great beginnings.
    • 你用了很多很棒的开头,很吸引读者
    • I enjoyed listening to you read. I can hear you are more fluent and that you are using more expression.
    • 我很喜欢听你读书,我听得出你读书更加流利,也更有感情
  • Ask specific questions:
  • 问比较具体的问题:
    • Why did you choose this piece of work to show me?
    • 为什么你选择这篇作文给我看呢?
    • What were you learning about writing in this piece?
    • 在这篇作文中你学到了什么?
    • How will this help you as a reader?
    • 这个在阅读方面是如何帮助到你的呢?
    • What will you focus on next time?
    • 下次你需要注意些什么?把重点放在哪些地方?
  • Express confidence in your child’s ability to lead this conference:
  • 在开会的时候鼓励孩子,让他们更加自信:
    • I can see you have put a lot of effort into preparing for this time of sharing.
    • 我看得出你为了这次能跟我分享,做了很多努力,准备了很多东西
    • I was impressed with how you could identify areas of growth in your work.
    • 你跟我说你在哪些地方有所成长的时候,我印象特别深,也很为你骄傲
    • Thank you for sharing your learning with me. What I enjoyed most was…
    • 谢谢你跟我分享你在学校的学习成果,我最喜欢的部分是…

Thank you.

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