Learning Update


This week, readers are further exploring characters. They will learn that the more you know about a character, the better you know them, and the better you know them, the stronger your predictions will become.


This week, writers are beginning their final unit of the year- creative/free writing. To start with, they will focus on writing true stories from their own life. This week, they will develop their knowledge of sentence openers by exploring how to use adverbs, connectives and similes as openers.


This week, students will continue to learn about 2D shapes before then focusing on perimeter. These are lessons 8 onwards: https://www.engageny.org/resource/grade-3-mathematics-module-7-topic-b-lesson-8

Unit of Inquiry

This week students will be thinking about the questions: What are systems? What are rights? What are responsibilities? A provocation of a morning without rules (except to stay safe) and noting conflicts and frustration. Another morning full of rules! A rule to get out of your seat. A rule to get a drink of water. Students are asked to notice how systems work and don’t work.

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