Student Led Conferences

Here is the sign up link for the student led conferences:

Dear Parents,

On Thursday 10th May, we would like to invite you to attend your child’s student led conference.


What is a Student Led Conference?

This is an opportunity for your child to share with you their learning. Most importantly it is a chance for you to celebrate with them their growth and development.


What should I expect?

They will carefully take you through their goals and the work they have prepared. They will talk about their strengths and areas of growth both in their homeroom and specialist classes.


What is the Teacher’s Role?

The teacher will be present in the classroom observing the students’ celebrations as they share. The teacher will not be directly involved in the conference.


How to support your child during the conference?

  • Give specific and positive feedback.
  • Ask specific questions.
  • Express confidence in their ability to lead this conference.



The Grade 3 Team

Shekou International School

Student Led Conferences: Tips for Parents



What should I expect?


Your child will have a plan to follow. They will carefully take you through their goals and the work they have prepared. They will talk about the areas in which they still need to improve, their strengths and areas of growth.



How to support your child during the conference?

在这个家长会中, 如何帮助你的孩子?

  • Give specific and positive feedback:
  • 给予孩子具体且积极的反馈:
    • I can see you are trying to use more powerful words in your writing.
    • 我能看到你写作的时候尝试用比较有难度的词,让你的作文变得更有力量
    • I noticed that your handwriting is improving.
    • 我发现你的书写很有进步
    • You used so many great beginnings.
    • 你用了很多很棒的开头,很吸引读者
    • I enjoyed listening to you read. I can hear you are more fluent and that you are using more expression.
    • 我很喜欢听你读书,我听得出你读书更加流利,也更有感情
  • Ask specific questions:
  • 问比较具体的问题:
    • Why did you choose this piece of work to show me?
    • 为什么你选择这篇作文给我看呢?
    • What were you learning about writing in this piece?
    • 在这篇作文中你学到了什么?
    • How will this help you as a reader?
    • 这个在阅读方面是如何帮助到你的呢?
    • What will you focus on next time?
    • 下次你需要注意些什么?把重点放在哪些地方?
  • Express confidence in your child’s ability to lead this conference:
  • 在开会的时候鼓励孩子,让他们更加自信:
    • I can see you have put a lot of effort into preparing for this time of sharing.
    • 我看得出你为了这次能跟我分享,做了很多努力,准备了很多东西
    • I was impressed with how you could identify areas of growth in your work.
    • 你跟我说你在哪些地方有所成长的时候,我印象特别深,也很为你骄傲
    • Thank you for sharing your learning with me. What I enjoyed most was…
    • 谢谢你跟我分享你在学校的学习成果,我最喜欢的部分是…

Thank you.

Class Update (International Week Celebration, December Calendar, Class Photos)

Dear Parents,

Friday concluded International Week. Thank you for all of the parent volunteers. On Friday afternoon, family members from Thomas’, Mungeon’s and Sally’s families came in to share Korean food and a Korean game. Thank you. Please see the below photos:

The children also had opportunities to share their own games, books and food:

December Calendar and Class Photos

The December calendar has been added to the calendar menu above. Please look at it and note any events coming up. Specifically, please note that 3C will have their class and individual photos taken on Monday 11th December.

Thank you and have a good week.

Class Update

Dear Parents,

A few updates for you.

International Week

Thank you to Nora and Peachy for coming in to school today and talking about Hungary and the Philippines. We learned about traditional games, clothing, flags, and food. Here are a few photos from today:

We have more parent volunteers for tomorrow as well. Thank you to everybody for coming in.

Report Cards and MAP Data

Today, MAP data was sent home (in an envelope). This will show how your child scored on the MAP tests that they completed at the beginning of the year. It’ll also give you other sets of data for comparison. In trimester 3, students will complete another round of MAP testing. You will then be given updated data.

Report Cards were completed and made available to parents last week. These are accessible online at the Gecko Portal: If you have problems with your password, please follow these instructions to reset it: Password Reset PDF If you have any further issues accessing the report cards, please visit the Genius Bar at Parkside. Of course, any academic questions should be asked to me.

A few points to note:

  • Not all of the standards have yet been taught. For example, in math, we haven’t taught geometry yet. This is why the geometry level on the report card is N/A (not applicable). It will be taught later in the year.
  • The students have had opportunities to show their communication and other skills, but not many opportunities to display skills in some other areas, such as being a “global citizen”. This is why a lot of students have AP (approaching) for their grade. They will be given more opportunities as the year progresses.

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns from the report cards, please contact me.

Photo Update: Reading Buddies

The 3C Wonder Kids have been paired with the PreK2 Super Dogs. Here are a few photos from our first meet up:

Photo Update: Show and Tell

A few children have asked to bring things in from home, or read aloud to the class. Here are a few photos for you:

I try to include everyone but it isn’t always possible. If you feel that photos of your child are missing, please say so.

Announcements and Events

Thank you.

Points Raised From Curriculum Night

Dear Parents,

I wanted to give you more information based on some of the questions that I got asked at last night’s Parent Curriculum Night. A few different parents asked me “What is PYP?” Below is a video explaining what PYP is:


I understand that this video will not answer all of your questions, however, if I link to many different sources of information, it’ll become overwhelming. Each week for the next few weeks, I’ll try to include a new video so that you can gain a greater understanding, and as my own understanding also improves, I’ll be able to personally give you more detailed answers.

Lina, the mother of Sally, kindly volunteered to be our class parent and she has already started working by creating a 3C WeChat group that can be used by parents to ask each other questions. This is the QR code that you can use to join the group:

If you wish to contact me, rather than the parents in the parent group, my e-mail address is still the same:

Also, if your child is going to be late for school, please don’t send that message via WeChat. It should still be sent to the following people: (Secretary), , (TA), (TA), and CC me: I understand that this is a lot of people to contact but we have different staff to teach your children, take them to the bus, and organise going home schedules. The more time that I spend forwarding messages, the less time I spend teaching your children, and so it is better to e-mail the relevant people initially.

Thank you to Lina for creating this group. I’m sure it’ll be useful to many parents.

Alan asked about how we teach math in Grade 3. Currently, we are following the EngageNY syllabus, which can be found here: On this link, you’ll find resources for all 7 modules that your children will be studying. So that you know when we are studying each module, here is the timeline:

Module 1: Now until the end of September.

Module 2: The end of September until early November.

Module 3: Early November until the winter break.

Module 4: January.

Module 5: Beginning of February until Spring Break.

Module 6: Beginning of April until mid-April.

Module 7: End of April until the end of Grade 3.

Please let me know if this information is useful to you and I’ll continue to provide it. You can make a comment on here by clicking on the speech bubble above or you can send me an e-mail.

We had our first whole school assembly today. It might be difficult for you to spot your children but perhaps my beard will help you to zoom in on the right area!

In it, Mr. Kanabar read the students a story all about how you can make others around you, and yourself, happy. The book was called “How Full Is Your Bucket?” Here is an online version of the story, so you understand what your child has learned about and can perhaps use the same lessons the book teaches in your home life:


Thank you for your support in getting your children prepared for the start of this school year.

Have a great weekend,

Mr. Musker

Student Led Parent Conferences, Reading Challenge, Talent Show, Movie Night

Dear Parents,

Please go to the ‘Sign Up Genius’ link below to choose a time in which you wish to attend your child’s student led parent conference.


Reading Challenge

We have listened to parent feedback regarding homework. The constructive feedback we received was that you like the creative homework tasks that the Grade 3 teachers make but that they make it a challenge for you to get your child into a homework routine, as the homework does not have to be completed daily. Thank you to the parents who gave us their feedback.

Therefore, our new homework grid, which focuses on reading and will last from now until the end of Grade 3, contains sufficient activities for your child to complete one per day. Please see below for more details and examples. Please note, the math homework will still be sent home every Monday, with it still being due in on the Friday of the same week.

Grade 3 Reading Challenge Homework PDF

Day 1 Example

Day 1 PDF Example

Day 2 Example

My Props

My Recording

Day 3 Example

Day 3 PDF Example

Day 4 Example

Day 4 PDF Example

Your child will take home the reading challenge activity sheet in their homework book. They can bring this book in each time they complete an activity, to share their homework with the class.

Talent Show

ES Talent show- rules-1hxqdcg – PDF Version.

Movie Night

Please contact reception if you have any questions about this event.

Learning Update: Government, Fractions and Fairy Tales

Dear Parents,

In social studies, our new topic is called ‘Government’. Here is a screenshot of the parent letter so that you can see what your children will be learning about:

Here is the letter in PDF format: GovernmentParentLetterPDF

In addition to this, Mrs. Callahan has made a Quizlet containing the key vocabulary for this topic, which can be practised here:

For reading and writing, we are studying fairy tales. We will learn that fairy tales:

  • Are set in the past.
  • Use some form or variation of “Once upon a time”.
  • Have fantasy or make-believe elements.
  • Have enchanted settings that can include forests, castles, water or kingdoms.
  • Have clearly defined good and evil characters.
  • Contain magical elements.
  • Have characters that take on unusual forms (giants, witches, dwarfs, talking animals).
  • Often contain groups of 3 (objects, people or events).
  • Have a clearly defined problem, climax and resolution.
  • Most often have a happy ending.
  • Teach a lesson that is important to the culture it came from.

To support your child with this work, you could read fairy tales at home and ask them questions regarding the above features. There are many fairy tale books in Epic! and some on Raz Kids and Tumble Books. There are also fairy tale books in the school library.

In math, we are continuing our work with fractions. This week and next week, we will mainly be studying equivalent fractions, examples of which you can see under the ‘Equivalent Fractions’ heading on this page: Khan Academy also has many equivalent fraction questions that can be used for further practise.

Regarding the math homework, if your child gets stuck with the ‘Brain Stumper’ question and you wish to help them solve it, here are some of the possible solutions:

Field Day

The students have been put into teams and should wear the colour that represents their teams, which are as follows:

Please open the PDF version of the same document to see it more clearly: Field Day 2017 Team Colours PDF

Please note that you do not need to buy anything for this and that your child does not need to be fully covered in the above colour! It could simply be a hat or a wrist band, etc.


Tuesday 11th April: AMPed project share out at 14:00 on Level 5.

The students have been busily preparing to show you their projects:

Saturday 15th April: Discover China Day from 12:00 to 15:00 in Jingshan.

Parent Math Session and Podcast/Feature Article Sharing

Dear Parents,

A math instructional coach from the USA is visiting our school this week. On Friday, she will be running a parent session. Please see this screenshot for more details:

Here is a PDF version of the screenshot, which has a clickable ‘HERE’ link: Math Parent Workshop PDF

As a reminder, if you would like to come to school to see the feature article and listen to the podcast that your child made, the details are as follows:

Thank you.

General Update

Dear Parents,

We have started AMPed, which is explained in this letter:

Here is a PDF version of the letter: AMPed Parent Letter

This video shows how AMPed is explained to the students:


This video gives a little more information for adults:


In addition to this, the students have made feature articles and podcasts. We would like to share them with you next week. Please read the flyer for more information: