June 2018 Calendar

Here is the calendar for June 2018. Please note that some items have moved, such as the ASA Choir Performance, which has moved from May to June. There are many other dates to be aware of as well.

11 June 2018 Calendar PDF

Any questions about the specialist subjects or activities should be sent to:

PE: pbarwicki@sis.org.cn (Mr. Barwicki)

Art: khobbs@sis.org.cn (Ms. Hobbs)

Music: ksheppard@sis.org.cn (Ms. Sheppard)

Chinese: dking@sis.org.cn (Ms. King)

If you have any general school questions, please ask them to the school secretary: szheng@sis.org.cn (Ms. Zheng) and any questions about 3C can be sent to me: amusker@sis.org.cn (Mr. Musker).

Thank you.