Parent Information

Grade Three Parent Information

Your child is welcome to eat up to two healthy snacks a day. We have a snack recess at 9:15 in the morning and students are also welcome to eat a little snack before math in the afternoon, to help keep up their energy and support their focus. Some examples of healthy, non-messy snacks are: granola bars, sliced apples, grapes, and so on. Please do not send your child with a sugary or a messy snack as they will be asked to put it away.

The best way to contact me is through email at 

Absences & Transportation

If your child is going to be late, or if they are changing their going home (bus) arrangements, please e-mail: (Secretary), (TA) , (TA), (TA), and CC me:

Birthday celebrations are an important time for children. Please contact me in advance to schedule a day to come in to celebrate. Please do not bring something that I have to prepare or cut up. Please also remember to provide all necessary utensils and supplies, including a lighter for candles, if desired. Also, gift/goodie bags should be reserved for home parties, not for school.

Homework should last no longer than 30 minutes a night, which should be spent on reading. In addition to this, your child will bring home any unfinished school work that should be finished at home. In the future, we will be using a new homework platform for math homework. This is currently being discussed at SIS.

Home Folder
Your child will take hime work, everyday, in a blue home folder. Please help your child clean out their folder every night. You could use these pieces of work for discussions.

Your child will have recess twice a day. On sunny days, please be sure to put their sunblock on in the morning and spray them with bug spray before school, if they are particularly susceptible to bug bites.

Rainy Season
Please provide an umbrella, labeled with your child’s name, to keep at school, on their hook. We do have grade 3 umbrellas at school for the students to share, if needed.

If you have questions about any of the above, please contact me.

Thank you.