Happy Year of the Dog!

Xin Nian Kuai Le! Today was the day of classes before the Chinese New Year holiday. We finished the day with tea, treats, and entertainment to celebrate the New Year. Classes will resume on Monday, February 26.

Travel safely. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Mike Livingston – SIS Secondary Principal


Summer Opportunities for Students:

HS Counselor Blog – Summer Enrichment Opportunities for HS Students: https://share.sis.org.cn/pbrun1/resources/

MS Counselor Blog – Summer Enrichment Opportunities for MS Students: http://share.sis.org.cn/ycuen1/2018/02/12/summer-programs-2018/

Summer opportunities abound for students these days.  Between family time and relaxing, students often also want to dig deeper into an area of interest.  This can be done independently by volunteering, getting a summer job, doing online courses or getting out in the community to practice a language.
There are also organised programs that happen on university campuses throughout the world.  Students and parents can learn more from two that will be visiting SIS soon.

Mon, Feb 26 @ 12:30 KE Foundation Summer Programs will be on campus.  KE Foundation offers specialised programs on university campuses in the UK, Canada and the US.

Mon, March 5 @ 12:30 Summer Discovery hosts programs on uni campuses throughout the US and will be on campus to share information.

There are many other programs offered directly by universities or sports organisations. Please visit our Counselor blogs for more opportunities.

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