Progress Reports, Student-Involved Conferences, Uniform Update

Dear Bayside Parents,

This weekend we have two important social events on our calendar. Tonight we are hosting our MS Spring Fling dance at Bayside from 5:30-7:00 pm. Tomorrow (Saturday, April 7) is the HS Prom. This year the Prom is being hosted at the Westin Hotel near Windows of the World.

Next week Progress Reports will be distributed on Friday, April 13, followed by Student-Involved Conferences on April 16 and 17. To sign up for conferences and for more information see below.

Mike Livingston – SIS Secondary Principal


SIS School Uniform Update – Uniform implementation delayed at Bayside – A committee of parents and teachers have been working on the introduction of school uniforms for August 2018 at SIS. The Primary School will continue with the original plan to have uniforms in place and ready for the first day of the 2018-19 school year. However, Bayside will not introduce uniforms until a yet-to-be-determined date. In September 2018 we will work with student groups to finalize the Bayside uniform design and decide on an implementation plan. The SIS uniform will be in place at Bayside by the beginning of the 2019-20 school year or possibly earlier. I look forward to having extra time to get more input and feedback from students in this process.

Progress Reports and Student-Involved Conferences – Progress reports will be available on Friday, April 13 online through the Gecko portal. Last semester all parents received login information for the Gecko portal. If you still haven’t logged in you can search your mailbox for a message from Ken Tsui to retrieve your personal login information.

Student-Invovled Conferences are important for all families. At Bayside these are called “Student-Involved Conferences” because this is an opportunity for the student, parents and teacher to have a conversation focused on learning. The Student-Involved Conferences will be on Monday, April 16 (MS students only) and Tuesday, April 17 (MS and HS students). Please use the link after the Student-Involved Conference information to sign up for your time.

Here’s some more information about how we report progress at Bayside:

Reporting Periods – SIS uses a semester system with two reporting periods in the academic year. Report cards are distributed at the end of the first semester in January and at the end of the second semester in June. Report cards are the official records of student progress. A report card shows a students’ proficiency levels for the reporting standards and ESLRs. In the high school, a letter grade is also provided. These show up on high school transcripts, are sent on to other schools when students transfer, and used when applying for universities.

Progress Reports available on Friday, October 13 – Progress reports are provided at the mid-point of each semester. These documents are used to communicate student progress to the students and parents. They are meant to inform parents of current progress and serve as a conversation starter for Student-Involved Conferences. Progress Reports are not part of a students’ permanent record and are not shared with other schools. Overall scores are not reported on the progress reports.

Student-Involved Conferences on Monday and Tuesday, April 16-17 – Student-Involved Conferences are an opportunity for parents, together with their child, to meet with teachers. It is important that your child attend the conference with you. We ask parents to sign up for a 2-hour time block to meet with all of their child’s teachers. (If you have more than one child you must sign up for more than one time block.) All of the teachers will be stationed on the first floor at Bayside in the music rooms, the drama room, in the cafe area, and in the amphitheater. Parents will be free to move around the first floor and meet with teachers for up to 10 minutes. If you need to meet longer, you can schedule a time to come in another day and continue your conversation. We require parents to sign up ahead of time for these conferences. We will honour the time of those who signed up so no “drop ins” are allowed.

Conference Sign Up Link – Please follow this link to SignUpGenius to sign up for a Student-Involved Conference time. **Please note that Mr. Galvez will not be available on Monday, April 16 to discuss PE and Life Skills.

I look forward to seeing all of you at our Student-Involved Conferences.

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