Final Days of 2017-18

Dear Bayside Parents,

Today we said goodbye to the 8 high school students who will be leaving SIS at the end of this school year. Tomorrow we will have a middle school assembly to say goodbye to the MS students who are moving on. This is an emotional time for many of our students, teachers, and parents. Those students who are moving may be excited about their next school but they will also be a little nervous about the unknown and a little (or a lot) sad to be leaving behind many of their friends. It can also be a difficult time for the students who are remaining at SIS. They are watching some of their closest friends move away. This will also bring on many emotions and sadness. We are always watching to see how students are coping with the changes at the end of each year. Over the next 3 days our teachers, counselors, and administrators will be celebrating the end of the school year with our students. We will also be there to support those who are sad to say goodbye. Please keep an eye on your kids this week and offer your support if they need it.

Today we handed out the 2017-18 SIS Bayside Yearbooks (pictured above). This book is full of wonderful memories and we hope that the students will keep them safe so they can enjoy them many years from now. Unfortunately, we do not have extra yearbooks to hand out if a student loses theirs. Please remind your children to put their name in the their yearbook and to keep track of it over the next 3 days as students sign yearbooks during advisory time and lunch.

Tomorrow morning the Bayside students will be treated to a breakfast of bagels and cream cheese before they go to their first class. Thank you in advance to our wonderful PSA for doing this for our students!

Please remember that all students are responsible for completing a year end check out form. This process ensures that students return all school property and clear all debts before their report cards are published on June 15.

Our final Student Recognition Assemblies are on Thursday and Friday. Parents are always welcome to attend. We hope to see many of you at these assemblies.

Mike Livingston – SIS Secondary Principal

THURSDAY, JUNE 14 – Schedule for the day

MS Student Recognition Assembly – Thursday, June 14 at 2:00 pm: We will recognize outstanding student achievement, honour roll and citizenship awards. Parents are welcome to attend.

HS Pool Party – Thursday, June 14 at 12:30-3:00 pm: All HS students and teachers will go to the Jingshan swimming pool for a year-end party.

FRIDAY, JUNE 15 – Schedule for the day

HS Student Recognition Assembly – Friday, June 15 at 9:00 am: We will recognize outstanding student achievement, honour roll and citizenship awards. Parents are welcome to attend.

MS Pool Party – Friday, June 15 at 8:30-10:00 am: All MS students and teachers will go to the Jingshan swimming pool for a year-end party.

Report Cards – The semester 2 report cards will be distributed electronically on Friday, June 15. You can access the report by logging into the Gecko Portal. The year end check out form must be complete before we will release a student’s final report card.

Friday, June 15 at 11:30 am: Students dismissed!



One thought on “Final Days of 2017-18

  1. A word each of thanks to the Principal, teachers, support staff and all others for an academic year well concluded. Many memorable events for the students to cherish, and I am sure some for the parents and teachers.

    Well done, thank you!

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