Bayside Update – October 12, 2018

Dear Bayside Parents,

Progress Reports for middle and high school students were released today. Students had time in advisory to download and review their reports. Students in grades 6-9 also received a paper copy of the results of their MAP testing. Parents can access the progress reports by logging into the Gecko Portal and downloading the report from the documents section. MAP test results are only available as paper copies. Please contact Ms. Peggy Han ( if your child did not bring home his or her MAP paper and we can send you a pdf.

We had a large number of parents at Bayside this morning for the EAL Parent Coffee at 9:00 am and the Reporting Information Session 10:00 am. If you were not able to attend I’ve attached the slides from my presentation on reporting and student-involved conferences. Parent coffee – reporting

If you have not yet signed up for a conference time please be sure to do so using the link below.

There will be no classes for students on Tuesday, October 16. Students are expected to attend the conferences with their parents.

We look forward to seeing you at the student-involved conferences on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

Mike Livingston – SIS Secondary Principal

Progress Reports and Student-Involved Conferences

Progress Reports – Progress reports will be available this Friday, October 12 after 1:15 pm on the Gecko portal. Students will not receive a paper copy but they will have access to the reports on Friday during advisory time. You can access the progress report by logging into the Gecko portal or, if you would like a printed copy, you can ask your child to print the report during their advisory time. **Please bring an electronic or paper copy of your child’s Progress Report the the Student-Involved Conferences.

Gecko Portal Log In Help – All parents will receive an email from Ken Tsui (SIS Data Manager) with your individual log in credentials. If you already know your password for the Gecko Portal you can continue to use it. If you’ve forgotten your password or have never logged in before you will need to follow the instructions in the email from Mr. Tsui. If you need help logging into the Gecko portal you can visit this site for tutorials. Once you have logged in successfully you can follow these instructions to change your password.

No Classes for Students – There are no classes for students on Tuesday, October 16. Classes are suspended on this day to allow for Student-Involved Conferences. Classes resume on Wednesday, October 17.

Student-Involved Conferences on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday October 15-17 – Student-Involved Conferences will be held on October 15 (3:45-5:45 pm), October 16 all day (no classes for students), and October 17 (3:45-5:45 pm). These conferences are an opportunity for parents, together with their child, to meet with teachers. It is important that your child attend the conference with you. We ask parents to sign up for one 2-hour time block for each of your children to meet with all of their child’s teachers. (If you have more than one child you must sign up for more than one time block.) All of the teachers will be stationed on the first floor at Bayside in the music rooms, the drama room, in the cafe area, and in the amphitheater. Parents will be free to move around the first floor and meet with teachers for up to 10 minutes. If you need to meet longer, you can schedule a time to come in another day and continue your conversation. We require parents to sign up ahead of time for these conferences. Parent numbers are limited in each session. We will honour the time of those who signed up so no “drop ins” are allowed.

Conference Sign Up Link – Please follow this link to SignUpGenius to sign up for a Student-Involved Conference time. **Please note that Mr. Ill and Ms. Wilson will not be available on Tuesday, October 16 3:00-5:00 pm to discuss PE and Life Skills.

SIS Parent Identification (ID) Cards

If you still don’t have a Parent ID Card you can do it quickly and easily. Requests for Parent ID cards can be made via our self-service ID card website. Complete the online form and upload a passport-type photo. Please ensure that the photo is clear, well lit and shows the individual’s face and shoulders. Photos shot with a smartphone are fine. The school will supply two parent ID cards–one for mother and one for father. Parents do not need a new ID card each school year. Cards can be picked up at the Bayside front desk. Normal processing time for ID cards is two working days but as we are currently creating many cards for new families we will need three extra days. Cards can be picked up at the Bayside front desk five days after you submit your application.


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