Weekly Updates!

It’s been another busy week and here’s what we’ve been doing in 4A.

In Reading this week we dug deeper into our chapter books. Students have examined characters and building their reading stamina. We’ll be using our reading skills to inspire our realistic fiction writing in the coming weeks. It’s been great to see the students dive into higher levels of reading. 

In Writing this week we explored the idea of writing stories from small moments in our own lives. We looked at times in our lives when we felt strong emotions and then used them as inspiration to come up with story ideas. We also developed believable characters by looking at positive as well as negative traits. Finally, we explored the idea of planning a story using a story arc and got started planning our own. 

This week in math we have been focusing on learning the base ten number system. We’re comparing the worth of digits in different place values and writing numbers in different forms. 

This week we also started our PYP Unit of Inquiry called Who We Are. The central idea of this unit is to explore how our cultural backgrounds shape our beliefs, values, and actions. Students will be looking into their own cultures and identities within them. We have a dynamic and international classroom community and we are excited to explore what makes us who we are.

Please feel free to ask me our


your children questions about what been happening as the year really gets underway. This next week will be full to the brim with learning as well!

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