Here’s what’s going on in 4A! Reports are out and conferences are this week. Students are getting all set up for three way conversations about their learning. We’ve been reflecting on the whole year and trying to decide what we want to show parents in these meetings. We’ll be discussing our growth in all our skills including our learner profile attributes. It will go by quickly but it’s a meaningful experience for the students to have some honest discussions about their growth.

We are currently finishing up our Unit of Inquiry about Migration! Students in 4A have been reading and learning about the historical fiction genre this month so students have chosen a point in history to set a historical fiction story about an immigrant and their experience. This blends their understanding of the reading and writing genre we are learning about with the lines of inquiry we have been following in the migration unit. After we finish this piece we will begin a new Unit of Inquiry with more of a science focus. Check back after the Chinese New Year holiday for information regarding our next unit.

In Math, students have been exploring geometry. We have been learning to use new math tools like protractors and developing our skills in the mathematical practices (precision, effectively using tools, making sense of problems). Making sense of geometric figures requires a lot of new vocabulary and students are busy trying to understand and integrate a whole new set of mathematics skills. We’ve also developed some pretty fun games to play with this new geometric understanding.

We have sadly had to say goodbye to some of our class members as their international lives continue in other cities and continents but are also excited to welcome new students into our midst. As always it’s been a dynamic and exciting month in 4A and we’re looking forward to what’s next. I hope to see everyone Wednesday for a conference!


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