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Hello parents! As always, there is a lot going on in Grade 4 and here’s an update. Our new PYP Unit of Inquiry is starting with the central idea that “Living things process and respond to information in different ways for survival.” Students are inquiring into the internal and external structures of animals and plants and how they help them survive. They will be using their non-fiction reading skills to do research as well as studying informational writing. Combining these literacy skills with the exploration of science content will make this a fun and interdisciplinary unit. As they progress through the lines of inquiry they will be composing multiple written pieces into a digital books they can share out in a gallery walk type presentation that you all will be invited to. The students will be focusing on their Communication skills, Research skills, Thinking skills, and building their knowledge as they ask questions and explore these concepts.

  4A is almost finishing with their study of geometry and nearing the start of our unit on fractions. It’s been a hands on unit with students learning to use protractors to measure, compose, and classify a variety of figures. We’ve moved from basic angle measurement to constructing triangles. (See today’s SeeSaw post) Later this week we will be classifying and constructing quadrilaterals based on their differing attributes. By the start of next week we will be launching a brand new unit about fractions. Stay tuned for more information regarding that unit.

We also have the G4 Overnight trip coming up on March 7th-8th. I hope to see many of you at the informational meeting with Dragonfly this evening at 4:20 (Feb 19th). They will be going over the details of the trip and answering any questions parents may have. The trip will be a wonderful community building event for grade 4 and will support our Learner Profile attributes such as being Risk-Takers, Open Minded, and being Well-Balanced. At the end of grade 4 the overnight is always a highlighted memory to the students. As always, the 4A classroom is an exciting and energetic place to be!


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