Unit of Inquiry Share-Out

Hello Parents!

We’ve just completed our summative assessment of our current Unit of Inquiry! Our share-out today was successful and the students were confident and excited to share all their hard work. We used the Book Creator app to compose a digital book that chronicled our research into three different lines of inquiry. Our informational writing content had students organizing their writing with glossaries, works cited pages, tables of contents, and clear paragraph formatting with sub-headings. It’s been a long process and I don’t want any of you to miss out on seeing the excellent products your childrencreated so I am encouraging all the students present the book at home as well. The students can then show you the Flip-grid video reflections they have all been doing alongside written reflections in their PYP notebooks. Their PYP notebooks are a wonderful guide to the unit and what the students have done from the beginning they will bring them home as well to explain what they’ve been doing. From learning note-taking strategies to composing 20+ page books, they’ve been busy so please: Ask them about it!

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