Time Flies!

Hello Parents!

It’s already April and the year is moving quickly! Although time is short there is still a lot to do in grade 4 before the end of the year. Students are working hard in all areas and it’s so amazing to see them grow into more responsible and independent students. The quality of work they produce and the skills they demonstrate every day are far beyond what they could do back in August when the school year began.

We’ve recently started a new focus on Literary Analysis. This process has students reading their chapter books with more awareness of character’s motivations, changing traits, and relationships in books. They are looking at how characters change in response to their experiences in stories and forming opinions about characters’ actions and traits. It’s an exciting time to watch our young readers and writers dive into some higher level thinking skills and display meta-cognitive awareness.

Our new PYP unit is focused around economics on a micro and macro scale. This unit has our learners inquiring into topics that seemed too advanced for them only six short months ago. The central idea “Economies rely on resources and choices to sustain societies.” provokes inquiry into how and why economies develop and that regulation is sometimes needed to sustain them. We will begin by reading historical accounts of trade as far back as the Silk Road. We will then explore how economic interdependence is developed through trade over time. This leads the class into the discussion of business, resource management, and many other interesting a relevant lines of questioning.

Beyond 4A there’s always something happening at SIS! With our third session ASAs just beginning, we have students involved in Track and Field, Choir, Cricket and a variety of other great activities. Also the Talent Show auditions are in full force with dedicated staff and our wonderful PSA fully supporting.

So, as always, please email me if you have any questions and have a wonderful day!

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