Earth Week and May Madness

We’re just finishing up Earth Week at SIS and have had some fun activities to remind us to take care of the beautiful planet we are lucky enough to live on. We’ve had bingo games, scavenger hunts, and lots of conversations about conservation. Single use plastics have been a big focus as we try and rely more on products we can use more than one time. Durable water bottles are highly encouraged as they can replace a single use plastic bottle that takes thousands of years to biodegrade. As our unit of inquiry focuses on economics we have also been inquiring into the systems of waste management that countries have and where the money to support them comes from. Charity and donation are always good, however, it has been interesting to hear the students ideas about taxation and management of infrastructure!

In other news, we’re coming to that time of year where things start to move very quickly. Sometimes it is called May Madness as summer vacations are being planned by students and families while teachers are getting busy with end of year assessments report cards and always the daily activities. We will have our student led conferences in May, there will be a field trip, a pool party, and couple other events that will sneak their way in. As the calendar fills up I’d like to remind everyone to keep lines of communication open. Please email me if you have any questions or need any help with planning. I will let everyone know the dates of the upcoming events with the release of the May calendar next week.

As always I appreciate your support and trust!

In partnership,

Benjamin Banner

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