Student Led Conferences

This week we will have our student led conferences at SIS. This is an annual presentation of learning from the students. It is their opportunity to tell you who they are as a learner and show off some of their learning from the school year. The conference will be entirely hosted by the student. It will be a digital presentation they have created. I have been encouraging them to reflect on their Keynote presentations and ask if their slides explain “who they are” as learners, rather than “what they did.” This is an attempt for them to evaluate the year and look at the ups and downs. Some students will outline struggles they faced, while others will focus on success stories. Either way, you can expect an overview of your child’s year at SIS and how they feel about it. One thing that is necessary is your participation. The students will greatly benefit from you asking them questions and prompting their responses during the presentation. Below I will attach a document with some suggestions for you to ask them. Please take a look and maybe download the .pdf to keep on hand during the conference. They are excited to show you what they’ve been doing in school!

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