Weekly Wrap Up in 4C

November 17

  • Writing – We have been writing persuasive essays using the five paragraph format. Students chose a topic, took a stance, and did some research to support their argument.  Topics included homework, helping the environment, and smoking. They are now writing all five paragraphs independently.
  • Reading – We are finishing up some fiction books before we begin our non-fiction reading unit.
  • Math – November is Multiplication Month in grade 4! Students should be practicing their multiplication facts every night. In school, we have learned about the formula to find area and have started to multiply single-digit by multi-digit numbers.
  • Word Study – We have been practicing the 100 “No Excuse” words. We have been defining and writing sentences with these words as well as practicing writing them in “word boxes”.
  • Science/Social Studies – We have officially finished our science unit on Energy. The final assessment was created using iMovie. Ask your student about the video. We have already started our next social studies unit, Migration. We have learned about push and pull factors.

A Little Update From 4C

  • Writing – We have begun our “Boxes and Bullets” essay writing unit. Students are drawing upon what they learned in third grade about opinion writing and building upon that prior knowledge in order to learn how to write a structured 5 paragraph essay! 
  • Reading – We continue to focus on choosing Just Right books both in class and on our visits to the Library. Students are finishing up their Character Bags, and will be creating an iMovie to present their projects. Our next reading unit will focus on nonfiction texts. 
  • Math – We have begun our Module 2, which focuses on measurement. This will be a shorter module which focuses on the measurement of length, mass, volume, and time. Students are learning how to convert into greater and lesser units (Example: kilograms into grams) using the metric system.
  • Word Study – We have been practicing  the 100 “No Excuse” words in our Spelling Bees. This is referred to as the Dolch List and it is expected that students are able to spell all of these words correctly by the end of the year. Students have also been asked to look for new or unfamiliar words in their reading. 
  • Science – Thank you parents for attending Learning Comes Alive last week! We think that last week’s science lesson was especially successful due to the collaboration between students and parents! Last week we completed our investigation into electromagnets. We will be studying the concept of energy transfer this week.