Teaspoons of Change


Today, our Grades 4 & 5 were treated to an informative assembly by d’Arcy, the founder of the organization, “Teaspoons of Change,” wherein he shared stories of his experiences living and volunteering aboard. The kids were challenged to think of ways they could positively affect their communities. Even what seems to be the smallest act, he shared, could snowball into something powerful. When we returned to class, the kids began thinking of things they could do and did a Seesaw post about it. However, this was just the beginning. It is a conversation we will return to throughout the year as I believe that these kids, as the future leaders of the free world, are in the best position to make big changes.

I, myself, shared the story of one of the orphanages I’ve worked with in Honduras for several summers and also extolled the virtues of the life of service and volunteering as it is something I am very passionate about. We’d like to encourage you to have this same conversation at home with your kids as it is an important one to have when they’re young. I have added a link in the “Links” section where you can check out his good work for yourselves!

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