Busy Week Ahead!

Hello parents! This will serve to follow up the email I just sent to give you a bit more detail about the week ahead. Even though we only have a four-day week ahead, there is still lots to do. I describe this as a final push, a “race to the finish” of sorts. We have the end of many units coming up, so the kids will need to be ready for some big assessments. We will do this today and tomorrow to get them ready.

Math- The final Math assessment will be given Friday. Today, we “connected the dots” on the math lessons that we’ve been doing since the beginning of school. We will practice a couple more skills and concepts and do some “test prep” before the last day of school this week. It is vitally important for the kids to be here every day so they don’t miss anything!

Writing- We’ve been working on Realistic Fiction. Last week, the kids were given back their first published story (with feedback), and today, we will begin discussing the “on demand” that they will be given on Thursday. We will brainstorm story ideas and go over a few more lessons before they do this story.

PYP Culture Unit- Today, we will begin discussing the kids’ final project. We will break into groups and examine the requirements a bit more closely. They will likely have a bit of time before we go on break to begin discussing ideas, and then when we return next week, they will be working in their groups on the final project. We hope to have the presentations done on Thursday, October 11th.

Thank you for your continued support! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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