4C Update

Hi parents! It’s been a busy time in Grade 4, so I’m sorry for the delay.

As you know, last week, we finished up our first PYP unit on cultures with kids participating in a living museum. You definitely got to see lots of pictures on WeChat and hopefully, your kids shared with you the thinking that went into their presentations.

I was blown away by how well they worked together, the amount of communication that took place, their creativity, and especially their artistic talents. It was fun to give them free reign to design and create everything on their own. That’s part of what PYP is all about.

Currently, we have begun three new units.

  1. In our second PYP unit, we will shift to a Science focus as we study “How the World Works.” Students will learn about various landforms, map reading skills, and how erosion affects the Earth’s surface.
  2. In Writing, we have begun our opinion pieces. Students will self-select topics of interest, make thesis statements, then make arguments supported by details. We will work on these for approximately six weeks before shifting gears into standard five paragraph essays.
  3. Finally, in Reading, the kids have selected multiple non-fiction library books (following Mrs. Gibson’s fantastic library lessons). In class, we’re taking a close look on the structural features of non-fiction text and discussing reading strategies. The kids are reading on a variety of topics, from planets, to animals, to countries. You name it. Whatever they are interested, they may choose!

Please check Seesaw for some recent updates with regard to what, exactly, the kids have been up to, and please, keep encouraging them to post anytime they have something they’d like to share (I’m trying to get them to take the initiative on their own and get in the habit).

Thanks for stopping by!